Save Saltdean Lido

The Save Saltdean Lido Campaign was set up in March 2010 by local residents after plans were announced to fill in the swimming pool, develop the site extensively and create 102 flats.

Our core objective is to ensure we can safeguard the Saltdean Lido site including the pool, community centre and leisure facilities, from residential development. We are setting up a Community Interest Company with a goal of securing the lease to the site for the community. Please look at 'Our Plans' page to see our vision.

We aim to save the unique construction of Saltdean Lido and protect it from residential development. Since it belongs to the English heritage, it should be renovated and prepared for public use, but the original architecture should be saved. Saltdean Lido is a wonderful example of belief in healthy life, sports, and the importance of leisure activities. Spending time in the fresh air, swimming, and relaxing is what a comfortable life in the Saltdean Lido can offer.

Saltdean Lido is a perfect place for families, serious swimmers, and those striving to relax after a hard workday. The Art Deco building charms all the visitors, and it will become even better after restoration. We’re planning to restore Lido’s major facilities, including the ballroom, cafe, community hub, library, gym, and arts & activity space. Saltdean Lido deserves to have another chapter of life, and we’re ready to protect its interests and future.

The restored pool will attract visitors not only from Brighton and Hove but also from other cities. Besides, we hope that the chance to swim in the largest Brighton’s pools will attract foreign tourists. It’s a 40-meter pool, so everyone will find a free space to swim. Families with kids, professional swimmers, and enthusiasts will appreciate the opportunity to spend a few hours here.

Here are the main reasons why people will love Saltdean Lido:

It’s an open-air pool

Many people don’t like to stay at home on a weekend because they don’t want to be surrounded by the walls of their apartments and houses. Saltdean Lido is an open-air swimming pool. Visitors will enjoy swimming, sun tanning, playing games, and smoking CBD cigarettes by the pool. 

Amazing architecture

Richard W. H. Jones designed Saltdean Lido in 1938. The building is created according to the rules and characteristics of the “International Style” movement. However, the architecture of Saltdean Lido also demonstrates British modernist technics, so that the masses could enjoy the seaside architecture. 

Wonderful opportunities for everyone

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Sometimes we’re too busy to notice how exhausted we are. Swimming helps calm nerves, organize thoughts, strengthen your heart, improve brain function, etc. Of course, visitors can choose other activities, including playing games, communicating, reading books.

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NEWS (Thurs 31 May 2012)

Brighton & Hove City Council have confirmed they have negotiated an agreement with the leaseholder and will be taking ownership back of the lease this week. Obviously we are delighted with the outcome and thank everyone for their continued support with the campaign. We are now moving into the Community Interest Company phase and hope to be able to secure the lease for the community. Further news and information will follow over the next few weeks.

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